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Family Cares (AFC) Mission offers a variety of constructive and rewarding programs to ignite leaders by engaging in positive activities, providing means of employment, and helping to develop their skills.

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What We Do

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Provide Employment
Family Cares (AFC) Mission utilizes a band of opportunities made available through its network of partner organizations to provide employment for individuals.
Engage Youth
Family Cares (AFC) Mission offers a variety of positive recreational activities and events to help engage youth citywide.
Develop Individuals
We're is working non-stop to make strides in the development of our community by effectuating programs, seminars, and events to provide teaching and guidance.
Serve the Community
Ultimately we aim to revitalize the community, this entails serving in anyway we can. This begins with food-drives, community events, and giveaway donations hosted by Family Cares (AFC) Mission and local partners.

Interested in an event or program? Or need more information? Get in touch! 

Family Cares (AFC) Mission has made strides to touch and affect countless lives for the better. Allowing the rippling of a living initiative to change these lives. Most especially the lives of intercity-youth.

We’ve established relationships with a network of other community based organizations to serve and assist nearly every issue or life-hindering circumstance guaranteeing opportunity, recreational activity, and safety for youth and others in the community.


Family Cares (AFC) Mission will stop at nothing to see the revitalization of our communities, but we can't do it alone, we rely on people like you who share our vision in this living initiative. You too can be a part of this living work. Get involved today!

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