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Introduction & Mission

Family Cares Mission is a 501c3 organization committed to the reform and revitalization of the urban community by engaging youth citywide and developing them into active leaders and change agents.



Established since the 1980s in the East Garfield Park Community, Family Cares Mission has been a prominent beacon of hope for the community. We’ve cultivated and effectuated radical solutions to youth unemployment, literacy deficiency and disseverment by providing employment opportunities, tutoring and education, college-readiness seminars, personal and interpersonal skill training, counseling and mentoring, and more to develop youth into active leaders and change agents in the community.


We’ve established relationships with a network of other community-based organizations to ensure safety, opportunity, and positive recreational activity for youth in the community. While youth development is a high priority in our focus, we also offer services for families, students, and others in need; providing food, hosting community outreach events, and seminars.

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What We Do

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Provide Employment
Family Cares (AFC) Mission utilizes a band of opportunities made available through its network of partner organizations to provide employment for individuals.
Engage Youth
Family Cares (AFC) Mission offers a series of positive recreational activities and events to help engage youth citywide.
Develop Individuals
We're is working non-stop to make strides in the development of our community by effectuating programs, seminars, and events to provide teaching and guidance.
Serve the Community
Ultimately we aim to revitalize the community, this entails serving in anyway we can. This begins with food-drives, open events, and giveaway donations hosted by Family Cares (AFC) Mission and local partners.


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Job Training

Family Cares (AFC) Mission implements job training in all programs and services. We provide job training for youth to acquire skills, knowledge, and job opportunities. We offer training in various industries, provide hands-on training, mentorship, and job placement. Skills like Professionalism, Leadership, Customer Service, Time Management, Critical Thinking, and more are all implemented to help develop individuals and families. 

Tutoring & College Readiness

Family Cares (AFC) Mission utilizes its network of partner organizations to provide academic curriculum and resources to youth and individuals in need to help achieve academic success and prepare for college. Our experienced tutors provide one-on-one or group sessions in various subjects, including math, science, English, and social studies, to improve students' understanding and performance. We are committed to helping students reach their full potential and achieve their academic and career goals.

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Counseling & Mentoring

Family Cares (AFC) Mission provides counseling and mentoring for youth with a team of dedicated and experienced mentors who offer guidance and support to young people who may be facing challenges or barriers in their lives. Through one-on-one mentoring sessions and group activities, Family Cares (AFC) Mission aims to build positive relationships and create a safe and supportive environment where youth can thrive. By fostering confidence, resilience, and life skills, FCM is making a meaningful impact on the lives of young people in their community.

Community Outreach

Family Cares (AFC) Mission hosts a number of community outreach events in aim to reach our communities and particularly inner city youth. Its purpose is to capture the heart and focus of community members and direct it at a message of hope and change. We welcome community members to opportunities and events.

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