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Life Change

Leaders Ignited For Evident

The Leaders Ignited for Evident Change Afterschool Program ignites leaders and creates change agents by engaging youth in reformative activities coupled with reformative teaching.


The purpose of the 'Leaders Ignited For Evident Change' Afterschool Program is to ignite leaders by engaging youth in positive activities, providing means of employment, and helping to develop their skills and talents which will contribute to the revitalization of their communities. At Life Change, FCM utilizes a team of teachers and tutors to teach and train youth using a variety of skill enhancement practices developing youth in skills like problem solving, team building, critical thinking, leadership, and so much more. Youth will embrace career training, college readiness, mentorship, and work-study opportunities. FCM partners with local community organizations and leaders to provide holistic health classes and sessions, and engage youth in theater and arts like music and dance.

Program Initiatives


Healthy Eating

Life Change has effectuated a 'Healthy Eat' initiative forming into place a health promoting environment with healthy eating and habits.


Fitness & Well-Being

Life Change is charging forward with a mission of fitness and well-being, effectuating exercise and social sessions to usher fitness and well-being into the lives of youth.


Literacy Skills

Life Change is prioritizing literacy skills, both reading and writing for youth, providing teaching and practice lessons. Youth will reinforce their skills and knowledge.


Interested in the 'Leaders Ignited For Evident Change' Afterschool Program?

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